Reputational Due Diligence

Gathering fact-based, qualitative data to catch "under-the radar" information.

Partner in China, confidently

Get the true story.  Determine reliability.  Reduce fraud risk.  Protect your IP.
Uncover hidden business interests.  Strengthen negotiations.

Not all Chinese business partners are created equal. How do you separate the good from the bad - the trustworthy from the fraudulent? The answer: Reputational Due Diligence.

In all we do, we believe knowledge is power. Success is fueled by information. Our priority and purpose is to empower your business through high-quality, thoroughly researched information.

We gather fact-based, qualitative information to find out what level of risk your business partner represents. With our findings you might strengthen negotiations based on their true business activity. If a current relationship has gone sour, get to the root of suspected wrongdoing.

We are not bound by billable hours, checking our watches while analyzing valuable information;
We do not delegate cases to interns;
We do not have one-size-fits-all service packages.
Our cost-efficient and time-conscious approach includes tailored scopes and fees to fit our clients' unique needs, with no excess.

We conduct reputational due diligence in the contexts of:

  • Background checks on current and prospective Chinese business partners and investors;
  • Anti-bribery and anti-money laundering compliance (KYC);
  • Investigation and litigation support.

We use non-discreet investigative techniques to address questions like:

  • What is the ownership structure / who is the ultimate owner?
  • Does the company show signs of actually operating?
  • Does it legally exist?
  • Does anything contradict what the business partner has told me?
  • Does the business partner really have experience in my industry?
  • Are there any risky undisclosed related companies?
  • Does the investor have the money behind their offer?
  • Does my current or future general manager have a criminal history?
  • Do my employees have any undisclosed business interests?

The information we provide typically includes:

  • Operational profiles of companies
  • Personal profiles of key individuals
  • Public reputations
  • Undisclosed outside business interests
  • Litigation (criminal and civil)
  • Unethical activities
  • Legal and physical existence of the company
  • Corporate registration information (including changes)

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Just need core company facts?

Current + historical registration information
Full shareholding structure (to ultimate owners)
Litigation records

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