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The story of unrelated, related Chinese companies

“Wait, how many?” my client’s Chairman asked, thinking maybe he didn’t understand. “Twenty-one directly related companies,” I repeated.

“But this company is just Mr Liu and his associate. How can there be so many companies? Who are we actually signing with? What does this mean?”.


Partner in China confidently

China continues to open up. Compelling government initiatives are drawing more and more SMEs to China. Regarding business partners, though now foreign companies are not always legally required to partner with a Chinese company, it may be smart to do so.


Knowledge is power

Everyone knows the importance of due diligence. It is so important that there are many types: financial, legal, business, operational, HR, just to name a few. Yet the risk of bad things happening sometimes remain under the radar. How then do we detect these risks? How do we prevent disaster? The answer, in many cases is: Reputational Due Diligence (“Rep DD”).

Rep DD is useful in a variety of contexts, but this article focuses on its use within M&A and regulatory compliance, namely ABAC and AML.


A qualitative look at chinese stakeholders

A brief history of Sino-foreign partnership and the What/When/How/Who of Reputational Due Diligence.