In all we do, we believe knowledge is power. Success is fueled by information.

Our priority and purpose is to empower your business through high-quality, thoroughly researched information.


Business partner Due Diligence

Not all Chinese business partners are created equal. How do you separate the good from the bad - the trustworthy from the fraudulent? The answer: Reputational Due Diligence.

Get the true story.  Determine reliability.  Reduce fraud risk.  Protect your IP. Uncover hidden business interests.  Strengthen negotiations. Partner in China confidently.


Just need core facts about a Chinese company?

Current + historical registration information
Full shareholding structure to ultimate owners
Litigation records

No fuss, no frills, just the facts. Fast.


Not Your Typical Consultant

We do not bill by the hour, checking our watches while analyzing valuable information.

We do not delegate client cases to interns.

We do not have financial interest in our network or sources.

We do not have one-size-fits-all service packages.

Our cost-efficient and time-conscious approach includes tailored fee structures to fit our clients' unique needs, with no excess.

Questions? Drop us a line.

We're happy to discuss anything and everything China business.